FAPD Annual Meeting 2021

Saturday, October 23rd

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista – Disney Springs

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FAPD Member Dentists $295*

Non-Member Dentists $395*

Team Members $195*


Morning Session

Attitude Changes Everything 2.0

Featuring Sam Glenn**

If there is one thing for certain in life, it is that our attitude plays a role in everything – both personally and professionally.  Today, Sam Glenn is considered one of the leading experts on the subject of “attitude”, having written more than 30 books related to this subject.  Attitude Changes Everything 2.0 offers an enlightening, entertaining and educational exploration into how our attitude works, what creates it and feeds it, how to keep it healthy, and finally how to use your attitude to create positive experiences and stories in life.

This keynote breaks attitude down into  4 primary  components

  1. Adjustment – how to adjust our attitude and keep it headed in the right direction.
  2. Instillation –  what makes our attitude function so it works and rewards us.
  3. Application – how to partner your attitude with your skills and efforts.
  4. Impact – how to measure the impact of your attitude.

Sam will highlight some of the following learning points:

  1. How to strengthen your attitude with resilience in times of change, challenge and uncertainty.
  2. How to manage negative thoughts and encounters with others.
  3. The number one source for infusing your attitude with positivity
  4. How to author unforgettable stories and experiences for yourself and others with your attitude
  5. How to reduce stress, fatigue, and the blahs with one simple 30-second trick.

Afternoon Session:

“Teamwork makes the dream work!” – Intro to TOTs, symptoms, functional assessment/diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic need


Casey Lynn DMD, MS                          Brittney Sciarra, RDH, BS, COM®, QOM

Course objectives:

Orofacial myofunctional therapy has been in the literature for over a century! Orofacial myofunctional disorders can impact function over a patient’s lifetime. Structure and function go hand in hand. Gain a full understanding of who and when to refer. Learn how to approach patients who present with OMDs through a collaborative approach.

Tethered oral tissues (TOTs) is a hot topic. With the increase in research and specialized providers treating TOTs, awareness has grown on the topic of TOTs, thus more diagnoses being made over the years. Research has shown a link between sleep disordered breathing (especially sleep apnea) and a short lingual frenum.  There are three form of TOTs: lingual, labial, and buccal. A functional assessment is critical in properly diagnosing a tethered oral tissue. Participants will understand how TOTs can impact speech, feeding/eating, breathing, sleep, and craniofacial development. Participants will also learn the importance of pre and post-surgical orofacial myofunctional therapy


1. Overview of tongue and lip tie, functional assessment and diagnosis

2. Understand symptoms seen with tethered oral tissues

3. Introduction to treating infants, children, and adults with soft tissue lasers

4. Understand the team approach and benefits of treating TOTs

5. Review of case studies treated with CO2 lasers

Oral Myofunctional Therapy

1. Brief history of Orofacial myofunctional therapy

2. Understand OMDs and how they impact function over a lifetime.

3. Define tethered oral tissues and identify the three forms.

4. Understand functional impacts of tethered oral tissues.

5. Understand the importance of collaborative care.

6. Understand the importance of pre and post-surgical orofacial myofunctional therapy.

7. Understand the difference between active wound management and OMT.

Afternoon New and Newer Pediatric Dentist Forum

Learn from the experts the top perils and pitfalls that practicing dentists have endured so that you can start your career with assured confidence


Scott Childres – Magnify – Web Presence, Social Media and Reputation Management

Online Presence: Doing It Right The First Time
Learn insights from over a decade of online pediatric dental marketing experience. We will discuss how to do it right the first time, instead of untangling a mess of mixed signals around the web.

Objectives:- Understand how branding & logo design can help (or hinder) new practice growth.- Find out how to establish an online reputation that will support your career for years to come.- Learn what marketing tools new dentists should invest in and what is simply a waste of your money.

Leagally Mine – Taxes, Estates, and Lawsuits, preparing for today, tomorrow and the future

Learn different strategies you can use to save thousands of dollars on taxes! Protect your family and your Estate by learning the difference between a Will and a Living Trust. Uncertain times see a major increase in lawsuits. Who are those lawsuits attacking? Successful people, like you! The number 1 profession that gets sued in the U.S. are Medical Professionals. Learn how to protect yourselves from unwanted lawsuits!

Mike ParkerDental Fix Rx – Office Design and Equipment Advantages and Pitfalls

Kent MillerDentagraphics – The ins and outs of demographics to find your perfect location

More details coming soon

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