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Central Office Contact

Kimberly Brooks
Executive Secretary
Phone: 804-475-9551Call: 804-475-9551

Dr. Jonathan Jackson
Executive Director
Phone: 404-791-7023Call: 404-791-7023

Constitution & Bylaws

Click on the button below to download the SSPD Constitution & Bylaws.

Officers & Directors

Current Officers

President – Dr. Angie Baechtold, NC
President-Elect – Dr. Meredith Papadea, SC
Vice President – Dr. Joesph Faiz, TN
Secretary – Dr. Trice Sumner, MS


Immediate Past President – Dr. Rodney Jackson KY

Past-President – Dr. Stephen Greenleaf, AL

Past-Past President – Dr. Chris Maestrello, VA

Appointed Officers

Resident Agent – Dr. Chris Maestrello, VA

AAPD Southeastern District Trustee

Dr. Ann Bynum, SC

Resident Liason

Dr. Mukti Prema, GA

Directors (3 Year Terms)

Rotate off January 2025
Dr. Karina Miller, VA
Dr. Cara DeLeon GA
Dr. Jeffrey Flannery, AL
Dr. Ross Fishman, FL
Rotate off January 2026
Dr. Wendy Humphrey Van Meter, KY
Dr. Shane Harpham, SC
Dr. Tiffany Green, MS
Dr. Sonia Taylor-Griffith, US VI
Dr. Anne Baker, NC
Dr. Mirna Caldwell, TN 
Rotate off January 2027
Dr. Timothy Followell, KY (Full-time Faculty)
Dr. Mukti Prema, GA (Resident Liaison)

Programs Committee
Dr. Reza Ardalan
Dr. John Unkel
Dr. Charlie Bertot
Dr. Angie Baechtold